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Cleaner Process. Safer Ingredients.

Mechanically Dried Ingredients

Our Clean Dried process differentiates us from our competition. This process is an extremely careful procedure in which pet food ingredients are mechanically dried in a controlled environment that is safe from outdoor elements/contaminants. These all natural pet food ingredients, sourced from the USA, are a label-friendly addition to your pet food & treat formulas.

Silver Springs, NV Facility

At Clean Dried Processing, Inc., supplying dried ingredients is our niche. Our brand new 143,000 Sq. Ft. facility gives us the flexibility to take on any project, big or small. We take pride in ensuring that all state & federal laws/rules/regulations established for the protection of our pets are complied with to the fullest extent.

FDA Food Safety Compliant

Clean Dried Processing, Inc. places a high priority on ensuring that the Silver Springs, NV facility operates in a responsible way in order to ensure the highest quality dried pet food ingredients in the industry. This results in cleaner, safer & higher quality pet food ingredients that are fully compliant with all of the new FDA food safety requirements.

Dried Tomato Pomace

Dried Tomato Pomace is the dried mixture of tomato skins, pulp and crushed seeds that remain after the processing of tomatoes for juice, soup, or ketchup. It is a middle protein, a good source of B Vitamins and a fair source of Vitamin A. It is commonly used in pet foods as a source of dietary fiber, to produce firm stools. Tom-Pom also increases the palatability of cat diets. For more information on Dried Tomato Pomace, click on the link and send us an email – we’d love to hear from you!


Dried Potato

All of our Dried Potatoes are domestically washed, 100% mechanically dried & specifically ground to the customer’s requests. For pets with grain-based allergies, potatoes are a wonderful alternative-ingredient that also promotes the health of their intestinal tract. Potatoes are a great source of starch, minerals & vitamins and are a wonderful addition to an overweight pet’s diet, due to the limited amounts of fat and zero cholesterol. The high levels of vitamin A & C in potatoes have antioxidant qualities that can protect pets from the effects of cancer. To learn more about Dried Potato (a safe, GMP+ Certified & fully traceable product with availability year round) click on the link – we’d love to hear from you!


Our Team

Silver Springs, NV

Patrick Kirk
Warehouse Manager

Patrick grew up on a small farm in Fairgrove, MI working in construction and as a welder. Patrick worked for an affiliate of CDP (LaBudde Group, Inc.) as a warehouse manager for about a decade. In his spare time, Pat likes to swing at golf balls, watch his favorite Michigan sports teams, read and travel to new places.


Jed Frank
Director of Sales & Procurement

Jed joined Clean Dried Processing, Inc. in October of 2013. Jed spent 28 years with a major retailer. His responsibility included buying, product development, advertising & transportation. Outside of work he enjoys time spent with his wife & daughter as well as being an avid hunter & fisherman.


Richard Erickson
Chief Executive Officer

Richard is the current CEO of both Clean Dried Processing & LaBudde Group, Inc. He is involved in managing the strategy & vision for both CDP & LaBudde. Rich’s hobbies include collecting metal lunch boxes & Pez dispensers, traveling the world & spending time with his friends & family – especially his wife Mary.


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Clean Dried Processing , Inc.

Cleaner Process. Safer Ingredients.

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Clean Dried Processing, Incorporated was established in 2014 in Silver Springs, NV for the purpose of providing cleaner/safer dried ingredients to the pet food industry.


LaBudde Group, Inc. provides innovative ways to help improve your formulas and your bottom line. Fibers, fruits, vegetables, proteins, grinding, mixing, drying. All delivered with the honesty, respect, safety & trust you expect.

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